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Does Nuvigil help with hypothyroidism?

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No Nuvigil will not help... it is for sleep apnea (known medically as obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome or OSAHS),narcolepsy,shift work sleep disorder (SWSD), a problem in people who work night shifts or who frequently change between day and night work shifts.

What you need to dicuss with your Dcotor

Hypothyroidism is treated with the levorotatory forms of thyroxine (L-T4) and triiodothyronine (L-T3). Both synthetic and animal-derived thyroid tablets are available and can be prescribed for patients in need of additional thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is taken daily, and doctors can monitor blood levels to help assure proper dosing. There are several different treatment protocols in thyroid replacement therapy:

T4 Only
This treatment involves supplementation of levothyroxine alone, in a synthetic form. It is currently the standard treatment in mainstream medicine.

T4 and T3 in Combination
This treatment protocol involves administering both synthetic L-T4 and L-T3 simultaneously in combination.
Desiccated Thyroid Extract
Desiccated thyroid extract is an animal based thyroid extract, most commonly from a porcine source. It is also a combination therapy, containing natural forms of L-T4 and L-T3.

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