I have been taking Norvasc for 6 weeks today. The first 2 weeks was 5 mg and then for a month now 10 mg. I have a little flushing but my major concern is the swelling in my ankles and lower legs. I just started 25 mg of hydrochlorot on Monday so that is 5 days now.It has helped .But I still have swelling especially at night. My legs hurt and feel heavy. I have heard excercise is good but my legs hurt to much. Should I quit the water pill and norvasc or the norvasc. My Bp is averaging 114/74. I am pleased with that But will the swelling go away soon?My dr is quitting this month and she is 80 miles away so I can not go see her and she won't talk to me on the phone. Not much help from her.Anyone else swell up. The side effects warnings say to quit taking Norvasc immediately and then it says it is normal to have ankles and legs swell some,,, which is right?