I have been in chronic pain for the last eight months and tried several different medications before coming upon a mix that works of hydrocodone and soma. The effectiveness of the 5 mg hydro quickly diminished and I was upped to the Norco 3 times a day. Now sometimes that isn't even enough. I have taken up to 5-6 per day and told my doctor about it and he said I am getting addicted. I don't think I want to take more than that plus I am being referred to pain management and I'm pretty sure they might try to take me off if the norco since all of my labs, xrays, MRI came out normal with flying colors. I'm not sure if it's fibromyalgia or not.

Anyway, one of my friends is very insistent that taking norco for extended time can make you more sensitive to pain. Now I'm wondering if there is anything wrong with me at all or if I have a physical dependency on the norco.

When I have less pain, sometimes I only take one per day, or none. I get diarrhea really bad everytime I take less. It makes it really hard to cut down. I feel like I want to stop taking it but at the same time it is the only thing that has worked on my pain.

I also have tried Cymbalta and now most recently I am on week two of Savella. I really hope it starts to make a difference. But how will I know if I am dependent on pain med?