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Does Niacin effect PSA readings in men's blood tests ?

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pjoshea13 12 Jun 2012

I believe that niacin may affect PSA, or at least PSA doubling time. Prostate cancer cells tend to be hypermethylated. This is associated with tumor suppressor gene silencing. SAM [SAMe] is the methyl donor in the body, & niacin depletes SAM.

The SAM system (methionine-SAM-homocysteine-methionine) requires folate [B9] as the dietary methyl donor. B6 & B12 are required cofactors. Deficiencies of folate or B12 have been linked to less aggressive PCa. Similarly, elevated homocysteine (disrupted SAM cycle) seems to be protective. Standalone niacin should be protective too.

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