the reason I am wondering if MS Contin or MSRI can show up as OXY is that these two meds are the only ones I take, also I am highly allergic to OXY, so I am wondering why every time the doc takes a urine sample, it shows that I have OXY in my urine??? He knows I am allergic, to the point of anafelatic shock, because Oxy Contin was one of the first drugs he wanted to put me on when I started to see him, but every time,urine test shows OXY on my bottle? IS anyone else having similar problems with these bottle testers? As I went for my pre work drug test when I got hired at Winn Dixie, and the drug test I had taken at Lab corp, only showed the MS Contin as the opiate I was on. so I was hired as the company will hire you if you have legitimate needs for pain meds.

Very Frustrated, worried my doc won't believe me one of these days? Likely paranoid