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Does mirtazipine help with panic attacks and anxiety?

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Inactive 10 Feb 2012

Hello janie12. Mirtazapine will do little to help in regards to anxiety and panic attacks. It is an antidepressant and is used more often than not to treat major depressive order. I take it and have done so for several years. Its works in my case often wonders to help me manage to get a few hours sleep for I am an insomniac. Weight gain is a common complaint. Most users do put on a few pounds. Good health and wishes to you,pledge

janie12 10 Feb 2012

My doctor put me on this knowing I have panic attacks and anxiety. She seemed to think it will help.

Inactive 10 Feb 2012

I understand. Well, I hope it works to ease the anxiety. You might get a second opinion by simply asking your pharmacist. They know the various drugs often better than a doctor. Again, my own point of view is that it will not help. But, I am not a doctor, just a layman. Thats why I suggest a second opinion. Either way, I hope it helps, if it works, some much the better,pledge

janie12 10 Feb 2012

Thanks, I will ask him.

Tee6759 11 Feb 2012

Hi Janie, I'm currently using mirtazipine, 15mg, every night. It helps with the depression, but not the panic attacks or anxiety I have. The best drug I've had for that is Buspar. I take 30mg 2x a day, and it has worked wonders for me. You might want to ask your doctor about using that instead of Mirtazipine. I hope this helps you, Janie. Take care and good luck.
In peace,
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