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Does migraine is treatable?

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caffeineshadow 26 Oct 2009

There are treatments, however I have had them for 12 years and no treatment has been very effective...

I still get them

Psyched 27 Oct 2009

Sudani (and CaffieneShadow),
Actually, there are no medications that prevent migraines. The medications that are out only serve to stop a migraine once you get one. They do not cure them or prevent them. Hopefully, someday science will find a way to prevent them alltogether as they are very debilitating and painful for many individuals.

maryhill 28 Oct 2009

As far as I know, there's still no cure for migraine. Pain reliever should be taken as soon as headache or aura occurs. I've been suffering from migraine since i was in my teens. I'm in my mid forties and migraines less severe. I take ibuprofen as needed. free discount card

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