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Does methylin test positive on a drug test?

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christineATU 7 Apr 2010

Why would a child taking Ritalin be drug tested? Or is it safe to assume the parent of the child is either taking it them self or selling their child's meds on the street? Yes, it will show up as an amphetamine.

JackieQu 4 Jan 2011

I am over 20 years old and prescribed Ritalin... just b/c someone may be an adult... dosn't mean that they are taking their child's meds!

christineATU 4 Jan 2011

Your very first activity as a new member is to comment negatively on a year old question? Please look up the statistics of the number of adults prescribed ritalin vs. children. It's a 5 to 1 ratio. Yes, I assumed too much, but usually my instincts are good and I'll stick to my answer. Ritalin is highly abused by adults.

subzero58 8 Apr 2010

hi razz,christine is rigbt its gonna show up as an amphetamine(sp).so you need to go to a pharmacy and get some caugh medicine that has that stuff in it. and don't be taking them pills again.

razz5 8 Apr 2010

My doctor gives me addipex n methylin. Weight loss n metabolisim. Says the ritalin works the oppisite 4 adults

christineATU 8 Apr 2010

Regardless of the reasons you take Ritalin, as long as you have a legitimate prescription, you shouldn't have a problem with whomever required the drug screen. free discount card

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