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Does methodone take the pain away as well? and is it the same feeling as if you we're on vicodin?

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LaurieShay 11 Jul 2011

Hey aab,

Methadone does treat pain without the high usually associated with opiate abuse hence why it is used for opiate detox as well. It must be administered at the appropriate levels to be effective.

To read more about methadone and it use try the following:

Hope this helps,


zzfrank 11 Jul 2011

meth is an extremely addictive and high producing med, just like morphine or and opiate. your right

addicts want it for the high they can get, not as prescribed, but by taking much more.

zzfrank 11 Jul 2011

or any opiate

sorry, my typing is not to good

zzfrank 11 Jul 2011

Each person is different, so what would make me feel high, might not make you.

methadone, is the most effective pain suppression there is for nerve pain, a lot of studies, have been made on it and are still going on.

the problem with methadone is the public's view's on it. since you and i are the public, we all have heard about its use in drug rehab. this sets a mind set that it is for drug addicts and not for me.

however, the research i have done on it is amazing.

remove all the negatives, and pre-assertions and it might work wonders for you. its great to have this opportunity to be able to have this web site, (that i just found tonight, 7-10-11), but you have to be really mature in your mind, and self disciplined to ignore all the positives and negatives, and let the meds work for and with your bodies use of the med.

MorphoneGurl 14 Jul 2011

"just take as directed, addiction happens when meds, are not taken as directed"

When taking any opiate even if taken as prescribed, you can still become addicted. The reason for this is because your body builds up a tolerance, and eventually you'll have to take more of the med to get relief or be switched to something stronger.

As a healthcare professional working with internist and pain management, this is just what I have seen.
Thank you...

zzfrankk 18 Jul 2011

your absolutely right, can't get some people to understand this. also, that each opiate, or pain med, affects each person differently.

zzfrankk 18 Jul 2011

thought i already answered this, but can't find it. :)

tried, it for 1 month only, relieved pain, much better, than 120mg ms contin, 3 times day, that i took for years.

on scale 1-10, ms= 8-9; methadone = 6-7, maybe more.

i just could not take the high, like i drank 2-3 drinks, all the time. i don't drink, because, i'm already there, naturally. just give me fresh air, and a deep breath in, and i'm high enough.

never, could understand why, anyone would want to be buzzing all the time. just don't get it.

we are all different, and meds, effect us all differently.

need any more info, please let me know. as long as they let me back on line, again.

couldn't log on for days, had to use different id's.



Larrk 24 Jul 2011

Methadone works very well for my chronic pain and better then Vicodin because it is long acting. No more waiting for it to kick in. I am not an addict so I never got high off of it and just took it as prescribed. One thing I did not like about Vicodin was the jittery feelings it gave me and the so-so pain relief. Methadone took a week or two to build up for me as I was also coming off the Vicodin. I got up to 20 mgs 3 times a day and then my pain was gone. I'm still at that dose. I had some sweats and was not ready for the constipation and tiredness the first week. It could have been withdrawl from Vicodin so I don't know? You need to take stool softeners, fiber and laxatives because it relaxes the muscles in the intestines. I'd say no the feeling is quite different but no jitters and better pain relief. I don't think this is a good drug to get high with because you would fall asleep and need an enema!

Ladybug0447 1 Feb 2017

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