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Does methodone cause tooth decay?

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jk13 1 Jul 2010

A weeee bit - I researched this extensively as I currently am prescribed it for pain. There is no evidence that it causes severe damage, but it does cause dry mouth - like many other antidepressants do. The saliva helps protect and maintain the teeth, and methadone leaches Calcium in a very very minor way - nothing that a multiple vitamin or more orange juice couldn't fix. As far as the saliva goes, chewing gum helps tremendously, or simply drinking a bit more water. I've also asked a few doctors about this, and they all seemed somewhat baffled by the suggestion that methadone could be related to tooth damage, as they never see it in pain management, only in addicts. Heroin addicts lifestyle often do not include dental insurance, and as an overall often have very poor hygiene (not always). Also, some people may confuse methadone with crystal meth, which will cause some very very severe tooth decay - just google it... it's gross, and amazing at the damage that it causes.

mattc1nku 1 Jul 2010

No methadone will not make you lose your teeth. Methamphetamine makes you lose teeth because it constricts your blood vessels and your gums (and entire face) become weak and you basically fall apart. Also most meth users grind their teeth, have poor diets, and bad hygiene which plays a role also.

A K 1 Jul 2010

If you use the sugarfree type and make sure you dont go with the sweet tooth opiates give you, clean your teeth at least twice daily and you'll be ok. I am a clinical drug worker and have been for 15 years. 80% of my clients are prescribed it and thats. the advice I give them.

hardfi 2 Jul 2010

I don't know about it affecting teeth but it is known to cause bladder infections and constipation considering it is just a cleaner, legal form of heroin. You won't be able to stop itching either and it causes a huge increase in appetite

jk13 2 Jul 2010

I'm sorry, but I really have to correct hardfi regarding the methadone. True, it will cause severe constipation, so some sort of supplement, altering your diet as needed (such as lots of dried fruit) or drinking lots of water will be necessary. Methadone however is not a form of heroin. Heroin is processed from the poppy - Methadone is completely synthetic. They both hit the same receptors - therefore by definition are both Opioids but are not both Opiates. They are as similar as is Tramadol is to Codeine.

hardfi 3 Jul 2010

Are you a doctor? Sorry, if I had some of the facts wrong. I did Heroin for four months but quit overnight with the help of Xanax (Benzodiazepine). I only used Methadone a few times years later to avoid Benzo withdrawl. My specialty is definately with Xanax and other Benzodiazepines. I'm intolerant to most opiates, so maybe thats why I don't know too much about them.

PlexSeattle 21 Feb 2012

YES, ABSOLUTELY METHADONE WILL CAUSE TOOTH DECAY. I can't believe anyone would tell you differently and be able to sleep at night. Misinformation like yours is irresponsible and plain ignorant. I take it for chronic pain. I have for 14 years. About 7 years into it my teeth began to crumble. And I have always had the best dental care available. Now I am wearing dentures at 44. free discount card

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