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Does liquid methadone cause sore throats or raspy voice conditions?

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mitjason 21 Dec 2009

It shouldn't. Methadone is a Antitussive which means it actually used for violent coughing and as a cough suppressants in cough syrups including relaxation of the throat musculature. Methadone works directly on the coughing center in the brain. It may cause some irritation to the lining of the throat for a little while but I don't believe it would cause a sore throat do to its antitussive properties. Hope this helps! Happy Holidays!

mpvt 21 Dec 2009

heroin is known to cause raspy voice but i haven't heard of it causing a sore throat. like the poster said above, methadone does not cause these symptoms.

beavinator 11 Jul 2012

Actually I have been on liquid methadone for 4 years and ever since I started it has made me cough a lot! It makes me cough so loud and it is really embarrassing! I wish I could find something that would make the coughing stop! free discount card

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