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Does lexapro really work?

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jk13 16 Feb 2011

It really does work. I tried it for a while, however didn't like the side effects, as everyone reacts differently to these sorts of meds. Lexapro works well for both anxiety and depression. The one thin to remember about SSRI's is that they take a while to kick in... around two weeks.
hope that this is of some help,
Jeff K

Cathleen186 16 Feb 2011

jk13, can I ask you what were the side effects?

rszulu 16 Feb 2011

Lexapro works for me. I still get depressed, but instead of the depression lasting for days, it may only last a day. I gained about 3 lbs. on it, not bad.

jk13 16 Feb 2011

The Lexapro sort of killed the romance... if you know what I mean... but it also killed the depression and helped with the anxiety at the time. It also made me feel sleepy, and eventually found that as a general, I react much much better to SNRI's as a whole than I do the SSRI's (been through ALOT of trial and error, and finally gave a random stab at Pristiq (right when it came out) - which worked great for me, until it stopped working about 6 months ago.. so we went onto Cymbalta, then recently I have no mental health insurance as well as no real medication insurance, so had to switch the meds around, and am now on generic Effexor... it's like I'm on the grand tour of meds!). The one thing that I'd like to add, is that my antidepressant needs have become less and less due to the therapy (that I once had), and am now tapering down on the Klonopin - gone from 3mg, to 2.75, and am now on 2.50mg, better than I've ever done before...

Inactive 16 Feb 2011

Lexapro worked great for me but at the time I had insurance and could afford it. Well now that is a diffrent story, I never had any side effects to Lexapro. I'm on wellbutrin(7days) and xanax. I think I'm having side effects to the wellbutrin. Nausea, dizzy and tired, just feel terrible. Hope the Lexapro works for you.

Cathleen186 16 Feb 2011

Hi, my doc switched me from Celexa to Lexapro a month ago. So far it's been keeping my anxiety down and I haven't had a depressive episode(crying jags etc) for this month. I feel happy and some self confidence is coming back. I give Lexapro a thumbs up. Hope this helps. Cathleen

jk13 16 Feb 2011

I'm really glad to hear this! This is great! Maybe not a 100%, but still, glad to hear that you're feeling more confident and less depressed. It's amazing how antidepressants all work more or less in the same basic way, but everyone reacts so differently to each one of them! Regardless, very cool!

Cathleen186 16 Feb 2011

Thank you Jeff :)

jk13 16 Feb 2011

well, it's so common to hear of the troubles, but less common to hear of the outcomes! Glad that you mentioned! free discount card

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