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Does levitra work for PE suffers?

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theunclebear 22 Oct 2011

Perhaps, if you explain what 'PE' is? To me it means 'Physical Education', that would make me suffer! :)
Don't mind me, I just don't know what you're referring to and thought that might be the reason your question hasn't been answered. You will find that this is a good spot to get serious questions answered, just continue to check back for answers because some of us pop-in on an irregular basis. ;)

strokin 15 Dec 2011

I had a sever stroke at 38yo which left me with both problems, ED and PE! While Levitra enables you to get an erection, I still haven't found anything to help with the PE. Been trying to overcome that problem for 5 1/2 yrs! So far all I've found is 'Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray' from 'Adam and Eve', just one spray about an inch away from the head of the penis (not on the shaft) or you won't feel anything at all, then wait about 15min before sex. Do not eat a 'fatty' meal at least three hours before taking Levitra, I've found that a 'burger' can block the effects of the drug! Most important - Relax and Enjoy... free discount card

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