I've been on pain medication (morphine sulphates) for almost 11 years now. My concern is will the length of time of my use add to my withdrawal? I would imagine since I hear that your body stops producing the endorphins etc that it needs because of the medication. I would imagine the longer that goes on, the worse the withdrawal? That is what scares me the most. Once about 5 years ago, I ran out of medication due to a vacation from hell... anyway, The four days of going without almost killed me. I NEVER felt like it got better. Each day got worse and worse. I worry that while most people say a week at most and it is out of your system may not be true for a longer time user. Is it possible that you can never adjust? I am at the point where I'd rather deal with my back and arthritis pain than worry about the medication and withdrawal possibilities all the time. HELP
also has anyone done the Coma withdrawal? This sounds like the perfect solution to me. I'd love to hear the pro's and con's to this.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I FEEL DESPERATE as I'm certain you can all understand.
Desperate in Atlanta