I was in a roll over car accident on 4/22/2008. The ER released me about 2 hours later. This hospital did not take any x-rays.
As of today, I have no recollection of the days after the accident. For the next two months, I was in and out of three hospitals, had countless x-rays, blood work etc. I had three seizures before May 1, 2008. I was given infusions, muscle relaxants and every thing else to control the seizures.
I was given Keppra which in a short time caused a seizure. I stopped taking that drug as it was not only expensive, it didn't seem to work.
So for about nine months, I was seizure free. I had to be my own doctor as I was not happy with the ones that I had as they either could not or would not say what was going on.
I had a few seizures in 2010 and was not taking any medication. Compared to previous and upcoming seizures, these were mild.
In April 2011, I had another seizure and again was shipped off to the emergency room. They released me 4 hours later with no answers, just many questions.
Within a week, I was again at the ER. I had pneumonia. I had not come out of the April 4th seizure so I didn't know where I was, how I got there, and why was I there?
Because they could not find a problem, they stuck me in to a Psychiatric ward. I wasn't mentally challenged. I was stuck there because they had no idea why I was having seizures.
And for the next three years, they failed to discover what was wrong. Either they were lazy or just plain stupid.
My first memory is of 4/26/2011 so I lost most of March and almost all of April 2011.
In May 2011, I fell down the steps with such velocity my head went thru the sheet rock. My husband found me at the bottom of the stairs, semi awake [though I can't remember anything from that day].
He brought me upstairs. I feel into the tub, hitting it so hard that I broke my scapula, two ribs, 2 vertebrae and 4 lumbar transverse bones. [The clinic doctor I saw told me that my right arm was sprained and I should wear a sling for a couple of weeks and then start PT]. Are you kidding me?
I also had my second brain bleed and I bit my tongue hard enough that it was bleeding. I broke a chair, broke an 8 foot tree in half, broke numerous things because I could not stand on my own and I didn't know where I was.
Again, I 'woke up' not knowing where I was and why. It was written on my chart that they thought I was drunk. So they tested me to get my BAC!!!
I took a trip to the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, MN. They did an EEG,EKG and an MRI. They called me with the results.
Kind of a lose-lose situation. Either I have something, which will dull my zest for life, or they find nothing and people think that I am crazy. Luckily they found that during the car accident, falling down the stairs, hitting the wall [with my head], falling into the bathtub, I definitely suffered from a Traumatic Brain Injury.
Finally someone had a name for what was happening. If the doctor's could have discovered this 3 years ago, I could be employed, independent and mobile.
The doctor at Mayo said that after I had those three tests done, I had a brain injury that was not just a right lobe or left lobe. The injury was found across both sides. How could Ridge's Hospital, St Joe's Hospital, United Hospital and Sister Kenny Institute not see what the Mayo saw? I had the same test as each of the hospitals. How could they not see the damage that the Mayo Clinic found in only one day, one set of tests???
Finally I had a name for what was happening! I wasn't crazy. I had entertained the idea of taking whatever pills would kill me.
I was so depressed. I didn't want my husband to have this burden taking care of me. My two kids were stressed. I hated being all about me. I wanted to die.
My neurologist gave me a prescription for Lamotrigine. I was reading the side effects. The side effect are almost worse than having a seizure. [This is the same neurologist that said on 04/28/2011 that I did not have epilepsy and my seizures were not Epileptic seizures.
am looking forward to my next appointment with him. I am going to watch him eat crow. He had a responsibility to me, to find out what was going on. I jumped thru all their hoops and they left me hanging. After I was released in May, I insisted that they make an appointment for me at the Mayo. You would think I was asking for a free ticket to the Moon.
So I am hesitant about using it. I have no faith in Doctor's. How could they miss what the Mayo found after one set of x-rays???
I am going to have to be my own doctor because to them, I am just the crazy woman. I only got their attention when I broke the right side of my body.
So, what information do you have on the new medication, Lamotrigine? This is the end of my ride. I have worked with many neurologists, occupational therapists, mental health therapists, Doctor's that specialize in head trauma. I was given a sleep apnea test and did five days in another hospital so that they could induce a seizure. Again they scratched their heads. Do you understand why I was so angry??? I was only a numbered file.
I am open to all suggestions.