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Does it mean that taking aciclovir you are hiv positive?

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oktoday 30 Jan 2010

No, this drug is primarily used for herpes. it comes in pill and cream form. it can be used preventively or when systems start to occur, tingling ect. 70 percent of america has either herpes 1 the mouth area or herpes 2 around the genital area. The herpes virus is related to the chicken pox virus and also herpes zoster(shingles)So they use it for those conditions also. Alot of people with hiv do use this drug only because their immune system is compromised and they are more prone to have more outbreaks and thus they use it,but more than likely they would also be on other anti-viral medications. I have herpes 1 and have used the cream before. When a person gets it they can give it to some one when no symptoms are present but like I said about 70 percent of the usa has one form or the other. fever blisters, cold sores thats herpes virus. Hope this helps.

Ava Marie 30 Apr 2010

Acyclovir is primarily used for the treatment of Herpes viruses. It is also used to treat Shingles which is the Chickenpox virus. It lies dormant in the nerve endings. All herpes viruses are quite painful with redness, swelling & weeping sores. It can take up to 2 weeks or a month to resolve itself (go dormant again). Stress, age, and HIV can cause the virus to activate. Herpes can be very contagious! So be very careful with intimate relationships. There is also no cure. Because you are taking Acyclovir does not mean you have HIV which is another virus. However, some people with HIV do develop herpes; especially when their viral load is extremely high & the CD4 cell count (part of the immune system) is very low. You should get a blood test to rule out HIV. Please don't be embarrased when your health is on the line. This is a common & necessary blood test. Your privacy is strictly protected. I hope my answer has helped you. Take care of your health & make it a priority. free discount card

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