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Does it help pinch nerv?

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Unfilled Void 23 Aug 2011

I'm not too clear on the question but I'm going to assume you are asking how to treat a pinched nerve. The nerves can be a tricky part of the body to treat. Nerves work by sending electrical signals to and from the brain in order to interpret certain senses such as touch, pain, taste and even temperature. The nerves also carry signals from the brain to certain bodily organs in order for them to function correctly. If one or more of those nerves are "pinched" or hindered in any other way it can cause several problems and the most noticeable and foremost is pain. From personal experience the best method for me has been appliance of heat. You can get a "Wheat bag" from your local chemist/pharmacist that you heat in the microwave and apply the the location of pain. A towel or cloth dampened in warm water can also do the trick. Ice cubes wrapped around a cloth (or a bag of frozen peas) can also do the trick. Depending on the location of the pinched nerve and how it is affecting you would determine which method to use. Heat therapy works by soothing and blocking the pain signals being sent from the area. Cold therapy works by numbing the area and slowing the occurance of swelling and inflammation. Physical therapy can also help depending on the location of the injury. This can include various exercises to stretch the muscle around the nerve to relieve pressure. You could also try acupuncture or massage from a licensed practitioner. The above mentioned are of course the natural methods of relieving nerve and muscular pain. My personal opinion would be to try at least a few of those options before resulting to pain medication. If you do wish to go straight for pain medication then you could try a combination of Paracetamol and Ibuprofen/Nurofen. If those fail you can try Nurofen Plus which contains codeine which is an opiate based painkiller that works directly on the brain. The codeine mimicks naturally occuring chemicals in your brain and spinal cord called endorphins. The endorphins bind with opioid receptors in your brain that then blocks or at least reduces the pain transmissions sent to the nerves through out your body. I would like to emphasise that this does not remove the pain, it just increases or more suitably masks the pain. The pain area will remain but you will feel less pain. I would also like to strongly emphasise that codeine is an opiate based painkiller which can be highly addictive in many individuals so it should only be used as a short term fix until the route of the problem remedied. There are other medications better suited to neuropathic pain, Amitriptyline has proven to be useful in some cases but this is a prescription medication is most countries. All of the information I have provided is from personal experience only and although I highly doubt any of the above mentioned remedies could cause you further injury, I would recommend consulting a qualified physician in order to get the best medical care. Without alarming you, some cases of pinched nerves although manageable can be the cause or even result in more serious conditions. A pinched nerve in the neck or lower back can be caused by a herniated disc, arthritis, bone spurs, or even spinal stenosis. If your pinched nerve is located in the neck or back region I would recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible. free discount card

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