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Does it get rid of the infection. doe sit stop the oozing or just itch ?

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ElizaJane23 23 Dec 2011

I'm sorry - can you give us some more information? What medication are you referring to? And what is it that is being treated? Thank you - ElizaJane

young.emery 23 Dec 2011

monistat for infections

ElizaJane23 23 Dec 2011

Monistat is used for treating vaginal yeast infections. It may be necessary to have a lab test to make sure it is a yeast infection as there are many other kinds of vaginal itching. If indeed it is yeast, applying Monistat every night for however many days your doctor says it will take - the Monistat will indeed kill the yeast, and in doing so, will relieve the itching. Be sure not to miss a night in the treatment as this will make the medication much less effective. If your symptoms continue, please be sure to see your doctor. - ElizaJane

young.emery 28 Dec 2011

the itching is rare its more of discharge

young.emery 28 Dec 2011

i cant afford a doctor no insurance or money

ElizaJane23 28 Dec 2011

Well, just be sure to take care of yourself. There are other vaginal infections that can really harm you - if the itching, etc. doesn't lessen soon, please - find some way to get help. Especially if you should develop a fever. Hopefully it is just a yeast infection - if so, you should know very soon as your symptoms will get much better. Take care - ElizaJane free discount card

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