Does the pain stop? Do the mood swings get better? What about the feelings of loneliness and despiration? I have FM, spinal stenosis, and rediculopathies and have managed them for three years with a number of meds but I lost the fight on Dec 18,2009. I had to stop working on that day and since then my life feels like its out of control. I dont sleep, my moods are terrible and now I want to stay in the house all the time. I lack motivation of all sorts. And then to make matters worse my Long term disability people have decided that I need to be evaluated to see if I can work. Hello, I stick people with needles, I have been a dialysis technican for 13, I know when I am no longer to preform my job safely. So now I have to struggle and pay bills, just to live. I am so stressed out. Oh I applied for disability it was denied the first time. It stated," Although you have pain its not enough to keep you from preforming you work duties.Everyday I sink a little lower. I have no one to turn to. My family thinks that if I go back to work I will feel better. I just wish it was that simple. I feel as if I am constantly fighting with someone about something. If its not my family and work, its my friend and them not understanding why I cant go out, then there is the insurance company who took my money and now does want to pay me. My day to day life is hard enough, I need no more stress. Could someone please let stress know that? Ok I am stepping down off my soap box now. Sorry, I just needed to get that out. Deep breath, relax, relay, and release.