that there's a crap load of medication now a days and not all side effects have been researched? Isn't it scary? Maybe just to me idk. Lol. I just can't believe how much there is out there. And every time I reply to friends or family that MRI shows I might have MS they say... 'well now a days there's so many new medicines out there' Do meds cure M.S. Dissolve brain lesions and fix your sheaths? Or do meds cure cancer, or anything else for that matter? Dont they just cover the symptoms mostly? I mean if you are in chronic pain yeah they have stuff for ya, if you are depressed they can help you, but its mostly trial and error on the patients part and if they have a good doctor they will be interested in helping the patient. And good docs are hard to come by. Sorry for the rant. I really need to just go to bed, goodnight. :/