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Does Hydrochlorothiazide work in reverse if you have diabetes incepidus?

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reynoldp 17 Mar 2011

Sort of. Thizides are used in neprhogenic diabetes insipidus to redyce urine output (if the diabetes insipidus is suspected to be of kidney orgin rather than a hormonal abnormality). The way they THINK they work (in combination with a low sodium diet) is they cause a mild volume depletion that causes your kidney to adapt by retaining more water and sodium. So in summary you should have an initial period where you have to urinate more frequently, then the urination is reduced therafter as your kidney adapts. Your doctor should monitor your electrolytes during this time to make sure your sodium and potassium levels in the blood are fine as you start the hydrochlorothiazide.

Lisa Trevose 17 Mar 2011

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