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Does having factor 5 leiden mean that you have to be on coumadin for the rest of your life?

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suzanne66 14 Jul 2011

No not necessarily. It depends on how severe your condition is - you are best to discuss this with your specialist.
Treatment will usually last for three to six months, but if there are several clots it could take longer.
In severe cases the course of drug treatment may be continued indefinitely.

TobiChan 14 Jul 2011

Not necessarily. Three people in my family have heterogynous FVL. My brother has never had a clot, so he is only on a baby aspirin a day to be safe. My mother has only had a DVT so she is only on baby aspirin unless she has another clot in the future. However, I actively clot and have had DVT and pulmonary embolisms so I am on coumadin for life.

So as you can see treatment is different for everyone depending on their history so you should talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of being on coumadin therapy and for how long.

missn813 27 Aug 2011

As the other responses have implied... it depends on your situation and whether or not you would like to gamble with developing a clot.

There are various risk factors which include "FVL" such as being over weight, living a sedentary lifestyle and if you're female - whether or not you're on birth-control or other hormone therapies. I was recently informed (as a female) that pregnancy increases your chances of forming a clot.

I was told by my Hematologist that I can stop my Coumadin "unless I develop another clot" - uh... a blood clot can KILL you, so I'd rather not gamble. It's not like the "FVL" is going to "go away" so I'd rather continue on the medication. Besides ALL of my other doctors concurred that it is something I will be on for the rest of my life.

kcelliott 14 Oct 2011

As always... it depends on the situation. I had clots... 2 in the leg and numerous on my lungs. As of right now I am on for the rest of my life. Before the clots I had sugery, was on oral birth control, and was overweight. I am working on losing the weight and now use an IUD. If I get to a very healthy weight and stay active there is a chance that I can get off coumadin. free discount card

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