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Does flexarall or demeral or ibprofen or tramadoll have hydrocodine in it?

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Inactive 8 Aug 2011

No they do not, although demerol is considered a narcotic like hydrocodone, and tramadol is considered to be narcotic like. Ibuprofen is a nsaid and flexeril is a muscle relaxer. Not sure if you wanted all that info, but hope it helps. -Mel

jk13 8 Aug 2011

perfecto - one more add on, hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid, meaning that a a substance from the poppy plant has been chemically modified to make it stronger, vs. the other Opioids, Demerol and Tramadol which are completely synthetic, and have no part of the poppy in it, they only similarities is that those three all hit on the Opioid sensors in the brain. Once again, way way to much information :)
Jeff K

Inactive 8 Aug 2011

Thanks Jeff. Good info!

jk13 8 Aug 2011

yah, but your info was better :)

Inactive 9 Aug 2011

HA! Thank you. I was thinking the same about yours! :-) free discount card

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