To make a long story short we had been trying to figure out what she was allergic too, before we took her to allergist. My youngest daughter a 1 year old was placed on Elecare because the allergist suspected she was allergic to milk, and because the "blood test" were interpreted that she was as well. At about a year she went off breast milk to whole milk. She could not stomach milk and thus we placed her on Lactaid milk. She still had problems with her Eczema thus we took her to allergist. They basically placed her on a very strict diet and Elecare powder formula. She got worst her skin shed easily, she scratched more, swollen lymph nodes, and no sleep. We followed the allergist orders for about 3 weeks, no improvements. To summon this post up, if your child is experiencing the same thing, take off Elecare and try something different. Furthermore, just educate yourself more about your child. It goes without saying but do not assume the experts know especially about allergies and blood test. Research the reliability and accuracy of “blood test”. We placed her back on Lactaid within 2 days her skin was a whole lot better. She sleeps more, lymph nodes gone down and less scratching. Still searching for ways to manage eczema, but just here to spread the information I received from my experience.