I have been on narcotics for about 5 years because of a very rare enzyme deficiency that causes a lot of pain. I am currently on Fentanyl 100's and oxycodone IR 15's for breakthrough. My insurance changed this month and I was only able to get 1o patch's instead of the 15 I usually get(to change every 2 days). I have to wait about a week to get my next prescription for the patches which will be the full amount(15) that the insurance will pay for. I have a few of the oxycodone's left until I get my refills. (In a week) So for the week my doctor is going to prescribe the clonidine patch to help me with withdraw symptoms until I can get my meds again. I am just wondering how well they are going to work if at all?? I have been through withdraw with nothing when this has happened before and it was UNBEARABLE! I hope someone can give me some good feedback.