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Does clonazepam and oxycotin mix with one another?

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DzooBaby 20 Jan 2011

I have seen them given together but they may cause extreme drowsiness when taken together. Make sure if you take them together you see how you react and be sure not to drive or run any heavy machinery or anything that requires you to be alert.

123becku 15 Jun 2012

I took both together for over two years and major drowsiness, but not able to sleep at all occurred. Dzoobaby is correct.

JLHCAPC 14 Jul 2017

This is a bad combination. The drugs together slow down you breathing tremendously and you can stop breathing while sleeping. Just be very careful mixing the two. I would have someone with you ecspecially if it's in high doses. Good luck they are both nasty drugs and hard to get off of. I've taken them both. I have been clean off the OxyContin for 2.5 years but currently on a taper for the klonopin. free discount card

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