I would like to know does cellcept has any postive effect in the treatment of erythema multi forme major ?I've suffer from it for over twenty four years with taper measure of prednisone being the only medication that has any effect on it .The symptom are rashes, blisters on hands and feet lesions in mouth throat,tongue serve joint pain sores over eyes,ear light sincertivy, the enablity to walk, talk, write, play.I've been miss diagnoses with herpes a couple others that are to many to remember Hiv test that are also to many to remember All the research that I've done over the year seems to be talking about someone else.I'm looking for anyone out there that has something simular,maybe a few pointer on dealing with the doubts the you O.k suck it up.Just someone that can relate to the mood swing loss of weight feeling of hopelessness.The reason I'm here is that my Physician's are finally hearing my pleas about finding altertive way of treating the illness because the prednisone causes motor skill loss mood swings depression and kidney problems and so much more.P.S the medications.are Azithromycin 250 mg,Lidocaine Viscous 2% Motuh/Throat Solution,Famotidine 20 mg,artifical tears,Pathaday 0.2%opthhalmic Solution