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Does celexa help with chest pain and anxiety?

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LaurieShay 3 Jun 2011

Hey rupter,

Celexa may be a good medicine for your anxiety. I don't know the exact cause of your chest pain though, so can't say if it will help that. Have you had your chest pain evaluated by a doctor? Did they decide it was from the anxiety? If so, then yes, the celexa may help.

The celexa is actually an antidepressant that also helps with anxiety. It will take as much as a month to start working. You can read about this medication at:

Best wishes,


rupter 3 Jun 2011

thank you ,i have been to a doctor done test all good said it was from anxiety

Inactive 4 Jun 2011

My husband used to have panic attacks and high anxiety with chest pain. He has been on Celexa about 3 years now. It did stop most of the chest pain associated with anxiety and panic attacks, however he ocassionally still gets that. The other great part about Celexa for him was that anxiety made him mean and the celexa took the "mean" out, at least 80% of it :)

Delila 3 Jun 2011

Hi, i take celexa and it has definitely helped with my anxiety. As Laurie said, it is primarily an anti-depressant but also helps anxiety. When i started on it i did have a rough time getting used to it, and felt very depressed and tearful, but i'm really glad i stuck it out. It did take me 4 weeks to stabilise and my dose has been adjusted (increased) and now i am so happy on it!

Inactive 3 Jun 2011

Hello rupter. Well, Laurie and Delila, have covered your answer to a T. Its an older expression, and its a compliment. :-0) I'd like to add this, though. Just two points. I was also once on celexa, and I stopped it because of this reason, it left me feeling tired. Often very tired. And the second, nothing in regards to celexa, but you mentioned chest pains. I've experienced chest pains, and it had nothing to do with celexa, it was anxiety. I've had them, meaning the pains, throughout my life, since I was in my early teens. Having said that,I'm certain you'll find celexa to be a very helpfull medication. best wishes to you.

the trippster 4 Jun 2011

the chest pain cld be fom the stress but id ask your doc to make sure free discount card

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