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Does ativan have the same effect as xanax?

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suzanne66 6 Feb 2011

They both belong to the same class of drugs called benzodiazepines. Yes, they have similar effects. They are typically used to treat anxiety and insomnia.
Xanax may work a little quicker but the effects will not last as long as Ativan.

caringsonbj 6 Feb 2011

Suzanne everything that she told you is really it in a nutshell, I have had experience with both, now the Xanax I have used for panic (at this point in time I am on the extended release) it seems to enter the system and I get by on a.m. and pm, I could use a little more than that but I made the decision it's just best not to do that because the more I might take the more I could possibly need, you take care and best wishes, (Billy)

puckiemull 6 Feb 2011

Thanx for reply.
Yea im on 0.5micrograms of xanax twice daily but it isnt helping,going back to physc this week just wanted to know what to suggest to him.My anxiety and panic is getting worse as everyday goes by and my physc is not the best and i want to have all my facts right before going into him.

caringsonbj 6 Feb 2011

I have a ? How long have you been on the Xanax? have you ever taken Ativan? are you more nervous or do you feel panic? sorry I should have asked you these questions before now

puckiemull 7 Feb 2011

Iv been on xanax nearly a year,plus trying dif meds but back to lexapro 8mths now. Feeling both nervous and panicky to be honest. I was diagnosed with extreme anxiety/panic disorder plus ocd and depression.

caringsonbj 7 Feb 2011

the last bad episode of panic and anxiety that I had I was started on Lexapro 10mg once a day and then on Xanax 1mg I could have 1mg tablet four times a day (you are on 0.5 I was on the 1mg which would be the next strongest dose than you are on now) I just want to help you I read back over where you said you were going to the doctor soon, Xanax also comes in an extended release, I was thinking the 1mg 4 times a day with the Lexapro 10mg once a day worked for me but I also think Lexapro comes in 20mg doses (you can take Xanax and Lexapro together,

puckiemull 7 Feb 2011

im on 20mg of lexapro as it is. yes have app with my physc this week,he not the best as i said before he doesnt listen and has kept me on the same meds the last 8mths even tho i explained they not helping.He didnt even want to give me the 0.5xanax so cant see him increasing my dose?? free discount card

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