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Does anyone taking baclofen have RSD and using it for pain relief?

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ElizaJane23 20 Aug 2011

No, sorry, I don't have RSD but I've been trying Baclofen out as a muscle relaxer and finding virtually NO pain relief. Previously I tried Flexeril for 14 years, Soma for one month, then the Baclofen. After two weeks on the Baclofen I am throwing it away and making do with what is left of my Flexeril and Soma to get through the month. Sorry about the RSD I hear it is a wicked illness. Have you tried a spinal cord stimulator? I am trying to go that route and there are a lot of folks with RSD on the site Best wishes -

rollerskater 23 Sep 2011

I am taking baclofen for muscle spasms. I have full body RSD. I got RSD July 2010 in both feet and legs due to a fall. It continued to spread through out my body. I use gabapentin for neuropathic pain. Baclofen reduces the muscle spasms. It can help reduce the pain from muscle spasms because the muscles are not contracting so much, but not the neuropathic nerve pain that is associated with RSD. You may need to get a pain med for the neuropathic pain. Opids, though they do have a place in treating RSD are not recommended as they make one tired. Keeping physically active is important. Opids can make you too tired to keep physically active. Check out Watch many of the videos. They can help answer a lot of questions regarding RSD. My doctors have referred me to the Ketamine treatments that are offered at the University of Philidelphia, PA.

rsdfairy 23 Sep 2011

I have RSD and have been on Baclofen for almost 3 years now, but it's for my muscle spasms, but doesn't do much for that, let alone for pain. I used to take Soma for a muscle relaxant and it helped for that and pain, but drs. wont prescribe it anymore. I gotta tell you I'm so sick of these drs. who don't seem to want to help those of us with RSD, which is the worse chronic pain known to man, per the "McGill pain Index".

marselgui 24 Sep 2011

Baclofen does NOT help with the pain associated with RSD. I do know that some people with RSD, including myself, take a narcotic to make the pain easier to deal with. If you had a simple ache somewhere, I could see where the Baclofen would be helpful. I hope I have answered your question correctly and that it was somewhat helpful to you. Good Luck Jeanette!
Maybe we could share what helps and what does'nt. Please feel free to ask me questions on RSD and I will do my best to help you get the answer in which you seek.

judipe 9 Apr 2012

I waqs diagnosed with rsd 2 years ago after having elbow surgery and i was not getting better after having almost 3 months of physical thearpy. I had a 3 phase bone scan which indicated positive as well as physical signs in my right arm. I had 3 nerve blocks which helpd for about a week then nerve surgery by cutting the nerves in my neck, that made the rsd worse spreading to my right leg, can't walk now, can't use my rt. arm or hand. (I'm rt. handed to). I have been on alot of meds, hospitalized several times. I have been trying to get my pain Dr. to get another Dr. to okay the spinal cord stymilator, they tell me that since the other treatments didn't work shes not willing to do the trial stymilator. I am now on baclofen 3xs aday at 10 mg., also carbamazepine 2xs aday at 200mg, valium, ambeim, nortriptaline, meloxicam. I still have bad spasams loint pain exssive sweating on the left side extreme swelling my rt. free discount card

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