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Does anyone suffer from degenertive bone and joint disease?

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Inactive 11 Mar 2010

I am terribly sorry that you suffer from this horrific condition.
My father has DJD, as it is called..
He can barely walk, he has had this disease for many years, it started with his back, and he had 8 surgeries and then finally said THAT IS IT to the surgeons who wanted to operate again on him, this time going through his ORGANS to get to his back!! BEWARE of the ORTHO-SURGEONS. (I am serious, they will operate until you are unable to walk!!!)
The best thing I can say is that you keep yourself mobile as long as possible, without knowing your specific condition, I can also add that CALCIUM is IMPERATIVE, both in pill form AND in it's natural form, as in milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.
People with DJD are twice as likely to have osteoporosis, leading to broken and fractured bones, ligaments, and joints.
Physical Therapy is also big on the list of Must Do, even though it may not SEEM to benefit you at the time, you are preserving your mobility for the future!!
Are you seeing a specialist for this? If your PCP (Primary Care Doc) won't refer you to one, then get rid of the PCP!! You NEED a specialist who knows every nuance of this disease in order to get the best possible treatment.
There are plenty of options for pain management but I reccomend you also take advantage, if possible, of a pain management specialist. If you are young, and you start taking narcotics NOW for the pain, when you get older, the drugs will lose their effect on you, (tolerance).
Try to stay off narcotics if possible, and utilize some of the great pain meds they have now. ULTRAM is one of them, (Tramadol /generic name) and I believe many people have told me the Cortisone shots are useful.
I was an LPN for 7 years, but I am certainly no medical expert!!! You may friend me on here, I would love to give you support around this disease, as I am all too familiar with the suffering my Dad goes through.
Good Luck and ALWAYS be your own best ADVOCATE!!!!

jessie2 19 Mar 2010

I do and it is painful all the time i can only seem to get about 2 hours of relief with pain medications. i hope the best for you. and that your condition isn't as painful as mine free discount card

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