I take paxil because of anxiety and the depression that comes from that, but I am VERY affected by the sun and by seasonal changes. I don't know if I should keep taking paxil or cut back when the sun and the nice weather make me very hyper. I also get really happy and hyper when I am looking forward to something like a weeding or a vacation. Right now I have been SOOO HYPER for at least the past week or month that I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't breath... I feel like I'm hyperventilating, and I'm shaking. I feel like I'm on a constant natural high, which is great, but I think I should see my doctor. I'm driving everyone around me nuts with my perfectionism and oragnization of everything. I'm taking paxil every second day because I don't know whether to take it or not. I have felt like this before and stopped taking it, but I CRASHED! I went 180 degrees after a high after I stopped taking it, and I felt down and suicidal. What do you think?