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Does anyone out there use suboxone for pain management and addiction?

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kwoodison 26 Feb 2010

I have used Subutex, then Suboxone for pain control. The insurance company became involved and would not pay for Subutex as I have a history of drug and alcohol abuse (but was not "using" at the time I was switched to Subutex, only taking tramadol prescribed). After switching to Subutex, my dose was a total of 32mg. a day (two 8mg. AM ad PM).

Before long, the insurance company wrote me a letter stating Suboxone was not for pain control. My insurance reached it's limit and I'll spare the details as most members aren't looking at that "donut hole" lack if any coverage.

I took it for a year and the effects waned over time but it did work for me, for a time. I developed a reaction in my mouth (it's taken under your tongue, and don't swallow) and my swallowing ironically, which I my doctor said is uusual. Perhaps it was the orange dye, or perhaps it was the combination of Klonipin and Zolpidem that I was also taking (plus Zetia and thyroid meds).

Other things to become aware of is that this drug, buprenorphine, does boost your tolerance. I understand stopping is not easy, but it's done every day in in- and out-patient treatment centers. It's quite expensive, so there's the insurance issue.

What kind of pain are you having? What else have you tried? Have you been seen in pain clinics? I doing that right now and I have to say that the first two that I went to were not supportive, in fact horrified at my ocycontin dose and unwilling to prescribe at that dose .. never more than 60 mg was what one said. Another offered me only one medication but I'd have to detox down to 60 mg.or so. I honestly don't remember because it seems so impossible. I start another next week and will keep writing.

Good luck.

izzothecat 18 Jun 2011

I was originally on Suboxone for "Treatment-Resistant Depression," and it worked extremely well. However, due to the outrageous costs of Suboxone, I would have to pay ~$400 for the last 3 months of each year (when my copay ran-out).
Since the generic formulation of Subutex (buprenorphine w/out the naloxone) cam out, however, my doctor has been prescribing it to me rather than the Suboxone (since no company has thus been able to successfully create the correct formulation for a generic form of Suboxone).

kwoodison 18 Jun 2011

I have been stablized on Methadone for nearly a year now through a pain clinic and so far it lasts a long enough that I don't have the ups and downs of heading into withdrawal, taking it three times a day. It is absolute hell for a chronic pain patient which an addiction history--you just have to do what they ask of you to prove yourself. It was a difficult decision but my options are few so I live One Day at a Time and try to have clean and sober friends surrounding me, as I don't go to many AA or NA meetings.

Best of luck; and there are some other things you can do. But we each find our own way and group of support people, places and things. Write me any time.

itsmetoo2 26 Feb 2010

I have not used it, but have seen many people use Suboxone for addiction and pain. In time your doctor will switch you over to Subutex as it has a generic and much cheaper. On the people I have seen using it did quite well.

I read the comment above, and what is surprising: Aetna Ins. says Addiction has now under regular medical and not mental health. This is a big bonus, so with Aetna they can not do what the commenter before said was done to them. Which was a real shame.

kwoodison 26 Feb 2010

I'm glad to hear from another source that Suboxone has a generic, as my addiction doctor said would happen in 2009 or 2010, roughly. It has helped so many people, including me, until my body turned on it ... who knows what really caused my side effects of swallowing problems and irritated mouth. The government has a responsibility to make it affordable to those who want to overcome addiction and they obviously did that here.

I too worked as an admin sec for 15 years (in accounting) until I took disability due to chronic pain, osteoarthritis in neck and knees. Your work puts you very close to what is happening and you have the unique dual perspective from the professional and from the patient side. Thank you for doing what you can to help. If you're like me, helping even one person is most rewarding. In your field, I expect you won't often know those of those who are the most benefited from what you say, like random acts of kindness. The best kind. I would like to be your friend. Bless you.

subzero58 26 Feb 2010

hi itsme and kwood, after 4years of being on kadian "morphine sulfate" 800mg a day. i was waisting away to nothing or should i say waiting to die. 8mounths later i gained 36 lbs and have a real bank account not just a place to have my ssi check deposited to in my name. thank god for my doctors,counseler and groups members. soboxone has giving me my life back. im going to look for both of u on, i put both of u on my friend list and will be bothering u in the futher. GOD BLESS U BOTH

kwoodison 26 Feb 2010

U may call me , and I'm so honored to be your friend. Thank u! I know we're both new to this site, but when u feel like your handle SUBZERO, just start typing away. And I hope u'll find it as much comfort as I have with the anxiety. My anxiety level is way down and so are my withdrawal feelings ... not gone, but better and I'll settle for that. God bless u too.

itsmetoo2 27 Feb 2010

Suboxone does not have a generic.. But Subutex does have a generic free discount card

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