Hi, does anyone kow why this is sporadic or what causes it? Sometimes in my lower spine, the pains feel like electricity sparking to my legs and hips. What CAUSES this... then my legs go crazy. I have had this for 20 years... I' nearly 50!!! Only two children.

This horrible disorder, dis-EASE, clink in my life that brings on pain physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially when I am sleep deprived, has robbed me of the joy of living! I cried at night so many times needing sleep and going for the recliner. I have used ice packs! Finally, my psyc gave me this med and it works so great... ROPINEROLE. .5 ! Knocks me on my behind, but I sleep like a baby and it actually helps my body aches from fibromyalgia. Don't ask me to explain! I do have the Klonopin and when I know that I have over done working that day and been on my feet too long in heels, for example, I take it because I know what the night will be like. It is a miracle drug. Thank you chemist who created it... thank you GOD! Thanks to my doctor, I love her. Someone listened! <3 Rebecca