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does anyone know where you can get hydro without going to a physical appt now that the april change?

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snakelady628 13 Jul 2009

You have to see a Dr to get these types of med's and in fact You shouldn't be taking these Without a proper prescription. This site isn't dedicated to help others find drugs or promote their use. Its meant for educational purposes only and shared experience with drug addiction.
If I may add this.. Living addicted to drugs is no way of life at all. I am hoping maybe you will and get some help so you can live a better life, than being tied down to the Dragon of addiction. If you are in Pain and need these pills and are having a hard time finding a Dr. who help you. I encourage you to keep trying. I know that living in pain is also No life at all and in fact it makes life a complete misery.
Should the pain reasons apply, try seeking a pain clinic Or a real good Dr. who can refer you to a pain clinic. I don't know your situation which is why i added both possibilities.
Unfortunately too many Dr.s are afraid to treat patients these days with pain med's for fear of being sued etc etc, which results in people getting relief any means necessary. Its awful to think this is happening but I know it is.
Whatever your situation I can only hope that you will find whats best for you. If it is the road of addiction that you are on.. I can assure you this road will lead only to dispair. Take care and god bless .. Snake

hydroman5150 1 Oct 2009

yes i no were u can get them and i could probley help u get them free discount card

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