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Does anyone know where to find Midrin now? Is it going over the counter or did they just pull it?

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Rajive Goel 22 Aug 2011

Try writing to the manufacturer and distributor: CARACO PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES, LTD. DETROIT, MI 48202. Hope they would be of help?

Good luck & best wishes.

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RGValleyGal 30 Aug 2011

I went to their site (Caraco) a few minutes ago, and they have merged with a company named "Sun" or something like that. No mention or finding of Midrin on their site. So it is GONE! I love the drug and wish it would be brought back. I am going to attempt crossing the border into Mexico next week to go to a dentist and find some Midrin or same thing with another name. It is about all that works. If I catch it before the headache sets in at all, just the aura, I take two Excedrin Migraine/Headache tablets with some Coke and it seems to help keep the migraine from getting full-blown, but not always. I can't use the meds like Imitrex because I have heart problems and it could kill me. So Midrin is and has been my best friend for years and years. I am 64 y/o!

Rajive Goel 31 Aug 2011

Wish you the best, hope you can find the med that you are looking for? Sun Pharma is an Indian pharmaceutical company and is one of the biggest may have tied up with Caraco.

Take care, my best wishes!

NBFCPRX 31 Aug 2011

Midrin has been discontinued from the manufacturer but you can still get Midrin at Northbay Family Compounding Pharmacy (NBFCP dot com). Have your doctor call in the RX 707-421-1117 along with your information. Someone from the Pharmacy will contact you and then mail you your RX to your home.

deeshack8 1 Dec 2011

Oh thank you so much for the information on getting midrin. I sure hope my doctor will call it in because I belong to an HMO. My doctor put me on the Sumatriptan when midrin was discontinued, but I had a full blown migraine this past weekend, and nothing could help me. I was in bed the whole weekend. I couldn't even stand the light from the television. Midrin never let me suffer like that. When I had Midrin, I would be functiona after about 4 hours. I really have to see if she will callin this prescription for me. Thanks again.

kpisme 7 Jun 2012

Despite the high demand, it is difficult to find even for the pharmacists. My doctor had to call the hospital pharmacist to see where it could be ordered from. When my pharmacist tried to order it from her normal pharmaceutical manufacturers it was unavailable. I let her know that possibly the only way to order it is via Macoven pharmaceuticals. She went onto that order site and there it was available for order. I picked it up within 2 days. Please let your pharmacist know it is available through Macoven and to order it from there. It is a generic and should be fairly cheap.

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potra57 11 Aug 2012

Thank you so much.It's true Caraco no longer makes Midrin it is now being manufactured by Macoven Pharmacueticals.I just read it on Wikapedia.I'm going to have my doctor check it out..

leedavispharmacy 12 Jun 2012


okiecathy 12 Aug 2012

Smiths Food & Drug said they can get it now. Hopefully I will be picking some up on Monday! free discount card

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