I do not have any of the common causes one gets CKD. After a LOT of testing they believe it is due to my Behcets. How would this be treated? I know it is rare for the kidneys to be involved, but they cannot find any other reason for this, my GFR is low and I had this prior to 6 months of treatment with CYC. I do have Thrombosis and Neuro-Behcets. They did an sonogram of the kidneys and every test possible looking for other causes. It started slowly about a year ago and lately it is progressing. I do not have Lupus, all tests have been run for any other cause. I am not a good canidate for a transplant. My Behcets is active and resistant to treatment but the CYC helped me alot as I was able to walk again without any devices.
Any ideas are welcome. I am going back on MTX and wondered if there would be a better medicine for me.I do not take any NSAIDS, but I do take Tynenol but not more than 4 G's in 24 hours.