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Does anyone know what medications might be used during a herniorrhaphy, not including anesthesia?

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arewethereyet 22 Jul 2011

If I am remembering correctly the surgeons I worked with used 1 or 2% Lidocaine(Xylocaine) PLAIN. NO EPINEPHERINE As, if I remember correctly, Epi is neurotoxic. Some local for the skin would be 1/4-1/2% Marcaine(Bupivicaine). I am not including induction and emergence IV meds and potential IV sedation that may be given preoperatively as that is considered anesthesia in addition to the inhalation anesthetic agent. Typically some sort of antiemetic agent would be given (zofran/phenergan) as well as IV pain management decadron and toradol as you are waking up right before you roll into PACU. I am sure I am forgetting a lot of stuff. A nurse anesthetist would be way better suited to answer your question than me, as I was always on the other side of the drapes. free discount card

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