I am precribed Norco but I usually get the Watson generic version, Here is my problem I have allot of family that live on my street and several of them are addicts. I have had them stolen several times, no matter how hard I try to hide them they seem to get to them. Yes I could have them prosecuted but it is almost impossible to prove unless you catch them in the act. I know you can order the real thing on these out of country websites but I do not want to get in trouble. It may sound really weird but if I could get a look alike placebo I'm sure I could put a stop to the thieving plus I want to teach them a lesson. I know you may think I may be trying to scam somebody by illegally selling them but I am serious, without going in much detail I have a job that that would crucify me, plus I am a single father of 3 I would'nt risk prison or retribution for a stunt like that. I need help!