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Does anyone know the maximum daily dosage for Oxycontin?

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mitjason 27 Jan 2010

The maximum dose that is safe for an adult according to the FDA is 640mg of Oxycontin. This is a very high dose and most doctors will not prescribe this amount and it can be deadly if not taken correctly. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

snowgoer68 27 Jan 2010

I have had extreme chronic pain for 13 years and know alot about medications. Believe me 640mg is almost unheard of so don't even think about going that high. I have excruciating phantom limb pain after I endured 68 surgeries, 23 broken bones. Long story. My leg was amputated 13 years ago and three days after that my life changed forever. Not because of one leg but because of the severity of the pain that has drained my soul and ravaged my mind. What is your pain like? I have never been on Oxycontin. methadone is a better medicine for nerve pain because it has some NMDA antagonist properties. Ketamine is another good one but I won't go there now.

Hey mitjason-you seem to know alot about medical things. May i ask what you do?
Thanks, Staci

mitjason 1 Feb 2010

snowgoer68. Thanks for the comment. I am currently going to school in Utah and will transfer to MIT in the spring for 3 years and then I will be attending Harvard for Med School. My father is also a doctor so I've learned a lot from him and ask him questions that I don't know the answer to. So you're a Snow goer huh? You would LOVE Utah if you haven't already been there! free discount card

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