My fiance was taking citilopram for appx three week"s,She started hallucinating and having some very severe nightmares that seemed so real to her that she still think"s some of the stuff she dreamt/or halucinated about are as real as if they truly happened,she can no longer tolerate temperature change,she is usually very cold but it is like 85 degrees,She now suffers panic attacks on a daily basis and they are getting much worse,Her Dr. prescribed this to her and she did ask him what it was for and his reply was ,and I quote,"dont concern yourself with what it is,just take it to help you come off of xanax"She went and is still going through hell since she took this medicine,In my opinion,and I am very experienced with people who have dimentia and this medicine put her into one,If not,the most severe state of dimentia I have ever seen.