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Does anyone know of a link between Oxycodone and libido? As in I have no libido. Any suggestions?

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caringsonbj 17 Jan 2011

I have noted some problems with different ones to be very honest I was in such severe pain that I tolerated the side effects are you on any other medications? if this continues to be bothersome ask your pharmacist or if you have an upcoming appointment ask you doctor I want the best for you

Inactive 18 Jan 2011

I take several other meds, but didn't have the libido problem untill I recently switched from hydrcodone to oxycodone. Im very happy with how the oxycodone works and if it meant having to choose either a low libido or debilatating pain, I would choose the low libido. However, it would be nice if there was another option out there. Any alternative suggestions?

caringsonbj 18 Jan 2011

if you are on other medications then that could make a world of difference I would never knowingly steer you wrong

christineATU 18 Jan 2011

Good morning. I did some reading on this and the answer is yes. Although it's rare, it can have an impact on libido. If you click on the link and scroll down about half way, it's listed under the rare side effects. There's different levels, More Common, Common, Less Common, Rare, and Very Rare. If I remembered that right! It says (obviously) you should contact your doctor about this because there may be something they can do to help you.

As far as any suggestions, I'm really not sure what can be done other than discussing this with the doctor. Hopefully you have a great repore with him/her and the topic is easy enough for you to discuss. There are some OTC gels, creams, supplements you can try. Double check with the pharmacist on interactions. Try to find a female pharmacist willing to take the time to review the OTC stuff available. Bring the items up to the pharmacy counter and have a list of the meds you take.

Inactive 18 Jan 2011

Thank you for the link Chris. It would make sense that I have a rare side effect. I'm allergic to over 8 meds and sesitive to many more than that. Everytime I go to the Doc. with med allergies or rare side efffects he jokinly shakes his head and says " Melanie why do you keep doing this" I just smile and respond by saying " I like to keep things interesting" There's never a dull moment with me.
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