I have been hurt for almost 15 years. I have been on all types of Pain Meds, and anti inflamitory Meds, and Muscle relaxers. I have tried just about evey popular Pain Narcotic Medicine. And when I was put on Oxycontin, once they got the right dose, it worked and I was able to Function.But since they changed the compound of the medicine, do to all the abuse, It only works about half as much. Now I know there are alot of people complaining about this. I heard that in a few months they might have the original OC's back again. I cannot wait a couple of months, I suffer from chronic lumbar pain, and radiculpathy, post laminectomy syndrome and degenerative disc disease, as well as bulging discs in my back and neck. I have had surgerys. Basically My back is shot, and I'm in pain all day everyday.The only thing that was helping besides heat, was the damn original Oxycontin, scored 80 on 1 side, OC on the other side. Now I get ones scored 80 on one side, OP on the other, and they don't work half as well as the original Oxycontin. The damned Roxicodone seems to be better.I was just curious to know if any one had heard about any Pharmacy in New York State that still has the Originals, I am willing to travel, but it has to be in NY state since it is an NY Sate Prescription.
Please help me I would be indebted to you. I don't abuse my Medication, Every Prescription is typed by a computer, and beyond that, the Dr has to get approval from my Insurance Company, So I'm not playing any Tricks. And do to the asses who abuse them, normal people who need there meds have to suffer, it just ain't right. Why should we suffer,so these people can get HIGH, go 2 Rehab and straighten your life out. You should be glad your not hurt.
Please help if you can, just tell me a name of a pharmacy in NY, THANK YOU.