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Does anyone know if prozac helps fibromyalgia pain?

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Inactive 9 Apr 2011

Hi Rosebud,
Yes, SSRI's can help with fibro pain. I was on Prozc for a while, now I am taking Cymbalta which is an SNRI, and supposedly very good for fibro!
Hope you feel better soon, fibro pain sux!!

rosebud45 9 Apr 2011

hi sweetiemon... thank you for answering my question. i have been on effexor xr for many yrs and it quit working. did the prozac help you better than cymbalta?

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

Hi again Rosebud,
I JUST started Cymbalta yesterday, so I can't tell yet, but will let you know how it goes if you want me to. I stopped Prozac before starting Cymbalta. Taking too much of any SSRI or SNRI's can be dangerous.
You will probably start feeling better within two to three weeks.
Good luck,

rosebud45 9 Apr 2011

thanks sweetlemon... i would like to know how you do on cymbalta... i hope it helps you. you're right... fibro pain does sux!! keep me posted!

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

OK rosebud, i will add you as a friend, and I can PM you about cymbalta success or lack thereof!

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

I wonder who recommended cymbalta to you SL?


LaurieShay 9 Apr 2011

Hey rosebud,

I believe that the antidepressant Cymbalta is a better choice than Prozac for fibro pain. Cymbalta is a labelled treatment for fibro where as Prozac is not. Cymbalta is an SNRI just as Effexor is, as well.

My recommendation is the Cymbalta over the Prozac for fibro pain.

Take care,

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