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Does anyone know if Metformin used for ovulation cause death. My 31 yo daughter was found dead?

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12 Mar 2011

All this type of information needs to be given to an investigator and the coroner and they will be able to get to the bottom, more so, the coroner, of what caused her death, what other drugs were found in the system and so on... it is like the famous saying goes on this site, what might effect one, one way does not necessarily cause for the other... Wish I could be of more help, but a certified coroner is going to be able to tell you everything that you need to know and what his findings were... and the cause of death... blaze22

mamie1 13 Mar 2011

Not as optomistic as you. This happened in another state with different rules.

12 Mar 2011

Yes, I agree with Blaze, the cause of death can only be determined by an autopsy done by the coroner or medical examiner.

A condition called lactic acidosis can develop while taking metformin and can be fatal particularly if the person has liver problems or drinks large amounts of alcohol while taking metformin. You can google lactic acidosis and read more.

I'm a little confused, metformin is used for treating type 2 diabetes, was she a diabetic?

Wishing you the best,


mamie1 13 Mar 2011

Metformin is also used for a gyn problem.

LaurieShay 13 Mar 2011

Sorry, unfimiliar with using it for gyn problem. She could still have gotten lactic acidosis. I do pray that you find the answers you are seeking and wishing you the very best.


12 Mar 2011

Yeah Laurie, I was going to say Metformin is used for diabetes.

14 Mar 2011

They use metformin in polycystic ovarian syndrome as well. I do agree with the others. An autopsy done by the coroner is the only way to know. Is there any possibility her blood sugar dropped too low and she went into a coma which led to death? There are so many different possibilities. Like others said, they need to do toxicology studies to check all substances that were in her blood. They should check for something like a brain aneurysm (sp?) as that is a cause of many young peoples sudden death. Only a full autopsy will tell for sure. Let me also express how very sorry I am for you and your family! How awful of a thing to happen and I think as a medical person (I am an RN too) we always want cut and dry answers. To not know what happened makes it worse than it already is. I cannot even imagine what you must be going through. To lose your baby is the ultimate nightmare for any mother. I'm very, very sorry and you nad your family will be in our prayers.

mamie1 15 Mar 2011

Everything is neg. No findings with physical autopsy. Nothing on tox. Yes as an RN I need to know what happened. They can't even tell me what time she died. She talked to her boyfriend Thursday evening and missed a conference call at 1000. She was found dead at 1700. Just got police report today. Only makes me have more questions. Very sad.

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