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Does anyone know how to beat the oxycontin ops??/?

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Inactive 26 Oct 2011

Hi meghanatterson,
Could you please be more specific with your question? I mean no offense at all by asking this, just need more info to answer you.
What is ops? I've just never heard of ops before, so that's why I am asking you.
Are you in OxyContin withdrawal? If so many of us can help you out!!
Just add more info by hitting comment or by clicking on Add More Info to My Question, OK?
Best wishes,

booter46 1 Nov 2011

I would also like to know what you mean by "beat". Sweetlemon is right we can help one way or another.

meghanatterson 21 Nov 2011

And if so... how can u help with withdrawing?i can deal with withdrawals but the chronic pain.ive tried accupuncture doomed!!

DzooBaby 26 Oct 2011

OxyContins new formula is meant to be tamper resistant-recognizable from the old formulation which was marked with OC. The new formulation is marked with OP on the pills. The new formulation doesnt crush into powder for snorting. It just flattens out or breaks into large chunks that still retain some of the time release properties. The new formulation gels upon contact with water so it cant be injected and turns to gelled goop in the nose when snorted and doesnt absorb into the bloodstream well this way. I assume this person is trying to find a way to get around these features. No-there is no way other than to swallow the medicine and use it like you are supposed to.

Inactive 27 Oct 2011

Hi Dz!! I didn't understand what she meant by ops this morning, not the brightest knife on the tree in the morning, durrr!!!

OP is the new OC so you don't OD!! I Like that a lot!!!
Lara P.S. Is she actually asking this to beat the system? Perhaps to snort, perchance to cook up? UNfriggin'believable!!! ugh.
Have a nice day :)

DzooBaby 27 Oct 2011

Thats what it sounds like to me. Arent you impressed that I managed to be civil since it is this kind of behavior that took away the OC's that worked so much better for those of us in pain who were taking our pills properly? It just goes to show that no matter what they do, people will find ways to abuse medications. Most of the time they are only punishing the people who use their medicines correctly while the abusers move on to something else. My sons have told me that all the kids they know in school who were abusing pills have now moved on to heroin-nice huh? Get a sticker that say "My child is a heroin addict at Such and Such High School" I shouldnt say that. Its really not funny. I hope this girl gets help, since she is abusing medications, before she ends up dead.

Inactive 1 Nov 2011

YES I am impressed Dz!!

booter46 1 Nov 2011

DzooBaby great answer, I just did not have the guts to answer it like you did. Sweetlemon have not heard that quote for a while by the way how is christine, I miss her.

meghanatterson 20 Nov 2011

Um excuse me... ppl dnt have to be pricks about it.i didn't mean beat as in abuse them I'm prescribed oxus but since they've changed them when I don't take them they upset my tummy even worse.yea u guys can help... by being rude n treat me like a dope head ... nice!! free discount card

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