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Does anyone know how long it takes to get off the pain killer with suboxone?

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UNLVGRAD 26 Oct 2010

You have to be off pain meds and in some form of withdrawl to start suboxone. My doctor told me 18-24 hrs before I was to take my first dose I needed to stop all pain meds. If you don't follow this rule and take the suboxone too soon it will put you into a form of withdrawl which I heard was terrible.
But once you start suboxone and find your correct dose you should stop craving pain meds (physically) pretty fast. A huge part of suboxone treatment is also being in some form of counseling. This will help you will the mental part.

Inactive 26 Oct 2010

It takes about 24 hours without opiate 2 b in moderate WD and hit at least on the clinical opiate withdrawal scale<COWS> sheet to start suboxone. Then it takes 2o to 45 minutes 4 the subs to work and relieve WD, and about 2 hours 4 it to take full effect. The time it takes 4 u to heal from addiction/over dependence on pain meds will b up 2 u, it varies but 6 months to 1.5 years is average. u will need support and addiction therapy.

Sacosam 2 Nov 2010

Hello there; Rota, I must say that Yr's 1958 & 1959, I spent in Rota Spain. They were most wonderful ! ! Ahhh Your Question ? As you probably know, there are many kinds of "painkillers" and in this Man's opinion, each "painkiller will be and will act a bit different , so I really can't answer You accurately. What I will say is that around 8or 9 yrs ago, I went on "Suboxone"complete, with an unnecessary Dr., To get off a one year addiction to a 25mg. x6 / day problem with "Oxycodone" [the "as needed" version of Oxycontin] Suffice it to say, "SUBOXONE" , to me , is the best drug of that type,and for that purpose to have ever been marketed.
You didn't give out enough info. for an accurate timetable, but I say that as long as you "Don't Abuse the drug... " go for it, You can't lose! ! Sacosam free discount card

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