I recently read several articles about both Norco and Addisons Disease (AD) and every one of them said to not take Norco if you have AD. Trouble is, none of them said why. I really need to know the answer to this, as I have been taking Norco for several years now and I have AD. I have developed a lot of different medical problems during this time period, but also was ill before I began taking Norco, so I don't know how much one relates to the other, if at all. After so many years of being on Norco, I have found myself taking more and more to get any relief from the pain. I can't take any other pain meds except Demerol, due to severe allergies, and daily Demerol is out of the question. It is saved for hospital stays. Unfortunatly I also need more of that, as I've built up quite a tolerance to it. This pretty well leaves me with just the Norco. This is why I need to know why I should not take the Norco with AD. I have found myself abusing my use of the Norco, taking too many at once, and too often daily, until I came came upon this site and a wonderful lady, Momma Nancy, gave me the support and caring I so badly needed. Now I am going on day eight with cutback to 5-6 pills daily, and not all at once. It's really hard, as I am in so much pain, but I know how important it is physically to keep within the normal range, and as I said, day 8 is here. If anyone has any information or advice at all on Norco, AD, pain and abuse of Norco, please respond soon. I can use all the help I can get. And Momma Nancy, if you're reading this, please contact me also. I need to hear from you and anyone, to help me get through this very hard time.