My doctor gave me Clexa for depression, it seemed to work great except I couldn't sleep that good, but when I found out I couldn't sleep on it, he gave me something else for the sleep. However, there was one side affect that was quite bothersome, I would wake up every morning with terrible dirrehea, was wondering if anyone out there has been on Celexa and wondered if anyone else had the same symptoms, and if you did experience the terrible dirrehea every morning, did it go away over time? This medicine really seemed to help, so hoping to find an answer saying "yes, I take it and yes, I had it but it went away) I know with alot of anti-depressants that some people have side affects and most of them go away after a little time, so if any of you have or still take Celexa, did you experience the dirrehea and did it go away over time?