my insurance is united heath and i need to find a doctor the only thing i do have with me is a print out right now (which is from 11/12/2010) my x-rays etc. are all in the moving process can anyone help me with finding a pain management DR that will prescribe me at least 200 30mg oxycodones and Ibuprofen 30 800mg and Alpraxolam 30 2mg tablets and 60 Carisoprodol 350mg I am running really low on my oxycodones so i went to a urgert care and she gave me a few day supply of the Alpraxolam and Carisoprodol however there office does not perscribe strong pain killers so all in all i need to find a pain management DR by tuesday or i will be out of all medications me moving here was a last minute thing so please if anyone can help me find one close to seven springs blvd that accepts my insurance please let me know and please no negative comments about these type of drugs but i guess we all have are say. thank you for your help and i am sorry for the spelling!! BTW I am only 23 if that matters! Thanks for everyones help the sooner the better!